Corona Protocol

Racing in these challenging times asks for a lot of measurements to make the event happen. We kindly ask to follow the rules and regulations of the event:

Preparations before the event

  • Are you in a risk group of covid-19? Don’t come to the event;
  • Do you have any symptoms (coughing, fever, loss of taste etc) that can be linked to covid-19? Don’t come to the event;
  • Follow the current travel advice from your country; 
  • Install the Proof-Me App on your phone for the covid-19 check;
  • Each rider can only bring 2 attendants;
  • Online registration is closed, at the race day it is not possible to register;
  • There are no team places;
  • Showers can’t be used during the weekend;
  • Try to spend as little time as possible at the event. In this way we can manage the total of number of visitors at the terrain.

Parking and entrance

  • Parking is at ‘Parkeerplaats VAM-Berg Noord’ at Vamweg 5 9418TM Wijster. This parking is only for cars;
  • Campers/caravans can stay at ‘Camping de Otterberg‘. This camping is now fully booked. If you didn’t registered there yet, you can book a camping spot here. For parking for one day you also need to book a place. There is no parking place for campers at the event terrain. Navigate to ‘Vamweg 5’ and follow the signs for campers to get to the parking/camping for campers.
  • Registration and picking up your number is next to the parking;
  • At the registration you receive three wristbands: 1 for the participant and 2 for the attendants. Without wristband you are not allowed on the event terrain. Parking and covid-19 protocol fee costs €5,- (cash only);
  • Pick up your wristbands and number before you do the track exploration.;
  • You only receive this wristbands once, so if you will be there multiple days keep them on;
  • Make sure that your wristband is visible on your arm;
  • At the entrance of the terrain everyone has to register via the Proof Me scan app on your phone;
  • If you don’t have a smartphone you can register on paper. Make sure you bring your own pen;
  • Please follow the walking signs on the terrain.

Start and race

  • Keep your distance to other riders before, during and after the parkour exploration and after the finish;

Technical zone

  • The technical zone is set up widely. Keep your 1,5m distance to other attendants in the technical zone;
  • The attendants are wearing a mask in the technical zone;
  • You can only enter the technical zone with the wristband for attendants;
  • Attendants only pick up the bidon of their own rider(s);
  • Attendants bring their own disinfectant gel which they can use for their hands after every passage of the riders.

We are very happy to see that all the regulations were (almost) perfectly followed by all the riders and attendants with the race in Beringen and Spaarnwoude. We hope to see this again at the race in Wijster. We hope you all will understand the challenges we had to overcome to make this happen and we want to ask you to follow these rules and regulations so that everyone can enjoy the event safely.

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